Download Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.5.3 Driver

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Thanks, downloading... Ill post 3dmark results asap.
AMD is on fire? What is going on...those fast driver updates every month. Known Issues , all CF :S
Is this real life? 2 (TWO) CF profiles for yet unreleased games? This is unbelievable. I hope they both work well since both TW and OW look like great fun.
Atiapfxx.blb Crossfire profile changes for: XCom2 Star Wars: Battlefront (3) Fallout 4 Rise of the Tomb Raider The Division Hitman (2016) New profiles for: Battleborn Mirror's Edge: Catalyst Overwatch "HighPerfGPUAffinity" flags for: Oculus Cinema Oculus Photos "VR Application" Shufflepuck The Mean Greens: Plastic Warfare Total War: Warhammer Doom 4 (Supposedly this forces use of dedicated GPU over integrated if I understood correctly.) There's a profile for Mirror's Edge Catalyst targeting MirrorsEdgeCatalystTrial.exe in addition to MirrorsEdgeCatalyst.exe so I guess they're doing a EA Access demo for it soon-ish?
Nice to see new drivers after just watching the YouTube vid of NVIDIA Devs and Marketing trying to explain why Founders Edition cards are worth the +$100 premium, when they're basically "Reference" designs. lol Anyhoo, did the upgrade install, no issues other than a reboot required.
MPC-HC+MadVR still broken. :realmad:
Update your madVR version to 0.90.20. The performance regression I had with 16.5.2(.1) is gone with this driver.
Update your madVR version to 0.90.20. The performance regression I had with 16.5.2(.1) is gone with this driver.
Thanks! I had the 0.90.17... Updated to 0.90.20 and its working :banana:
What's the status for the people who had problems with flickering with 16.5.2 with video or desktop usage?
Now that Overwatch released I played a few games with the shiny, new profile at 4K. It's an absolute joke, the stutter is horrible, FPS drops all over the place and it's in absolutely no way better better than forcing AFR compatible on the beta. :bang::bang: I'm almost certain all they did was to enable AFR friendly/compatible by default, I seriously doubt they've actually done something to make an OW-specific profile. Maybe I'm wrong, but it runs exactly the same as it did in the open beta when I forced AFR compatible myself. Another driver, another disappointment, I should've known not to get my hopes up when AMD releases drivers.
On one hand I was happy to see my game profiles saved after uninstall, and all of my oc setting were saved also! But for the first time Richard Burns Rally is a slide show, shadow flickering and Colin McRae Dirt2 freezes, back to
Maybe I have to try to tweak things, I assume you're not running 4K or FreeSync, right? CF is terrible for me, drops to 40FPS, frame time spikes in the 30s, not smooth at all in any way.
Wonder how many times I have to report Rise of the Tomb Raider DX12 stutter until it is fixed... It's broken since Crimson 16.4.2. Could you try to reproduce and report this issue as well to AMD?
Woohoo! Finally CFX fixed in FO4! Although you still need to disable GodRays for a smooth experience...leaving it enabled absolutely murders framerates even on 2 290X(s). Which is funny because my Titan Blacks (780ti 6GB) can run it with no problem and they are generally considered weaker at tesselation than the 290x, but hey, at least CFX actually works now.
Great driver IMO Played some in: BF:H Mantle -> OK, smooth R6 Siedge -> Fastest to date ! Heroes VII -> OK, smooth
Same. I just got my highest score yet. MadVR updated and working, Overwatch was already working great at a locked 60 everything maxed. Will be hard to notice any improvement.:)
MadVR can be changed from great to truly awesome with using the right settings for you. There are a lot of things to be tweaked, enabled, and adjusted! Drivers work great, the driver team is doing amazing work.
Hello. Any MadVR guide i should read? On how to and such.