Download: MSI Afterburner 4.6.2 Stable/Final

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@Unwinder Thank you for your continuous effort!
Thank you for your hard work and continued support 🙂:):):)
This question isn't really related to Afterburner and I'm thankful other folks are keen on pursuing good monitoring tools like this one. I used to use Ryzen Master for my 2700X. I recently purchased a 3900X and had to update the Bios on my Gigabyte Aorus gaming board Bios F42 I believe for it to recognize the 3900X. After that it booted properly and everything seemed to be fine. The issue is Ryzen Master when launched would state unsupported CPU and close. I uninstalled, rebooted and tried to reinstall. The utility then started stating a newer version is installed, please uninstall and try again. There is no other version in stalled. The Gigabyte support page recommends using the MS clean install/remove utility. I downloaded that and tried to do both an install and uninstall but the issue persists. I even reverted to a previous windows backup prior to removal of Ryzen Master and tried the remove/clean utility. It removed it but I ended with the same error or otherwise reports no problems. Long story, I found other people online with similar posts and no solution. I have reached out to Gigabtye but so far no fix. I believe there is an incompatibility with the latest Bios and Ryzen Master so it may just be a waiting game.
@Unwinder Thanks for your great work!
Great Work, as always. Thanks...
Thank you, Im glad my CPU temp (ryzen 3600) can be monitored now out of the box. I know it was possible before by using some alpha files, but now it works from a get go and thats cool. Im at 60 degrees max with a big dual fan Noctua cooler in stock CPU settings and custom fan profile.
Runs great as always. I notice a new folder + 2 new files in the install location. "\MSI Afterburner\Legacy\RTCore32/64.sys" Is this for the Vista/W7 people or part of that exploit fix?
Many thanks Guru3D and Unwinder! I really do appreciate the continued support for MSI Afterburner.
What the heck? My min/avg/max fps aren't showing up in the OSD. Neither is my cpu speed. All the settings are set the same as the previous version, I don't get it.
At risk of us both having done something wrong, i could not get them to appear either.