DirectX & OpenGL to open up low-level access

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This very good news imo
News are indeed great. Now just to wait till 2018, so its finally out and game developers start to implement it. I hope it also optimize crossfire, like mantle does along with VRAM usage optimization.
I guess Mantle scared someone there on Microsoft.Good news for every gamer out there.
Yes maybe in 2018 it will happen
Great news indeed! 🙂
good news, i will have a new system by then hopefully lol but its definitely good news for all the budget gamers out there
men this is good, intel will lower the money for cpus because they will not be important, intel is loveing this! good for us men
What's up with your recent change in behavior, the 'men this is good for us' spamming spree ?
*wrong post*
Very good news indeed. Can u imagine what can be achieved with 4 high end gpu's in SLI. No more CPU bottlenecks for 120+hz gamers.
great news, but seeing is believing lol
Oh, you just wait until they say "you have to buy the latest generation of CPUs/GPUs to enjoy the benefits" or something along these lines.
Sounds good, whether it will be as effective (or more so) than Mantle is yet to be seen. The only reason why they would be doing this is because they don't want their tech sullied by being kicked in the butt by Mantle without doing anything about it. Obviously a good kick up the butt has got them in to gear. It would be interesting to know whether the Directx improvements help all DirectX games (good), or just DirectX 12 games, and likewise with the OpenGL versionings. If it requires specific support it may be a tough push to get game developers to actually utilise it properly, or to utilise it at all! How many proper Directx 11.1 games are there out there? How many Directx 11.2 games?... Considering how long Directx 11 has been out, how many DirectX 11 games are there, and how many of those actually utilise DirectX 11 properly, or just utilise it 'in name only'?
This should push developer to use the new DX, make everything easier and better for all of us.
...AMD making impact.
...AMD making impact.
This. Whatever comes out of this shall be good.
"When these optimizations kick in is still unknown and wether or not they will be able to compete with Mantle also remains to be seen of course. It will also be interesting to see if this will be a final DX12 feature, obviously available for Windows 8.1." Nothing great about this part. 🙄
Great news benefits both brands not just 1
Oh, you just wait until they say "you have to buy the latest generation of CPUs/GPUs to enjoy the benefits" or something along these lines.
I bet, thats exactley whats going to happen. They will sell you new DX 12 GPU's with this feature.
well men i bet this is good even for my card (8800GTX), maybe get even more lief out of it before upgrade! edits: hehe i just seen! ps. (lovin the pic jullescool) :infinity: