Custom models of the Radeon RX Vega 64 Further Delayed - Vega 56 later

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Wow, the clusterduck continues! All those poor miners!
Been looking forward for reviews on custom boards, on the verge of buying a new gpu. The heat and power so far has put me off! at a loss to what to get! All the time these are delayed other prices remain high
Is this all due to HBM2 availability and complications around that and getting enough GPU's ready so they can start shipping to board partners for their own PCB designs? Guessing Asus pulled something to get that Strix GPU readied but that in turn seems to have run into some bios problems so even that design will probably take a while to hit the market and general availability. Interesting, although having this solved now should at least help for whatever comes around next year, guess that's what this 12nm news might be part of although it's for both CPU's and GPU's so maybe not so much about the memory chips after all and whatever is going on with those. Well if there's three or so separate plants and thus that issue with differences between the three then availability must be pretty scarce, tech perhaps wasn't quite ready for mass availability but eh I suppose it's better to have all these issues over with early though Vega is going to suffer from both that and possibly other problems in it's architecture going by various posts on why it performs like it does under certain scenarios. (Which I don't fully understand myself but if Ryzen and ThreadRipper can keep AMD afloat then having Vega as a bit of a bust on the GPU front might be salvageable while they work on whatever it's successor will turn into. ๐Ÿ™‚ But what do I know.) EDIT: Well I guess that Asus GPU isn't getting a new bios after all, interesting.
I've already decided I'm going to skip this whole generation of GPU's and hope that the next gen isn't over inflated by miners. This poor gtx 980 will just have to do.

tech perhaps wasn't quite ready for mass availability
Isn't it safe to say already that it absolutely wasn't ready at all? It's becoming more and more clear they sent Raja Koduri to a long vacation so that the poor man wouldn't hurt himself due to this situation AMD's ill decisions gave birth to.
Hmmm... no chips ready... that's weird. And chip doesn't sound like HBM2 but like the real GPU.
Hilbert Hagedoorn:

Manufacturer A: The custom models for the Radeon RX Vega 64 and Vega 56 are ready to market. However they waiting for AMD's GPUs. Radeon-RX-Vega-56 might be delayed indefinitely.
Meanwhile... ... Gigabyte Teases GeForce GTX 1070 Ti
it isn't a surprise right now no Vega are aviable (and still no RX 570 or 580 ๐Ÿ˜ฑ !!!) and no Vega have reached the shop here... While, as sammarbella said, NVidia are back in quantity in shop (and less expensive... wich is even more good)...

it isn't a surprise right now no Vega are aviable (and still no RX 570 or 580 ๐Ÿ˜ฑ !!!) and no Vega have reached the shop here...
Nah, the Polaris and Vega availability is starting to seem normal already. Stores even have some models on their shelves and delivery times for the rest are days rather than weeks/unknown. Of course there are some exceptions, but I'm not following the market so meticulously I would know if the models with seemingly zero stock are even in production anymore. Vega 56 is already listed as well, with sensible delivery times. Prices don't look so good, though.
Yeah Vega is still fluctuating but we're seeing some models reaching more normal pricing levels finally, still a pretty wide range but as more normal priced models become available it should balance out eventually. Express&cnet=Grafikprocessortillverkare_A03616 ยงAMD&sort=ProductNumber%3ADESCENDING Around 450 USD. (EDIT: And the URL broke. ๐Ÿ˜› ) And then up to almost 700 USD. (Vega 56) Still selling though, first one had 11 in stock at the start of the week and as of now the MSI model has only one remaining GPU stocked with more confirmed around early October. And for the second one they're sold out but more are available from the distributor. (Surprising actually since that's the price level of the bigger Vega 64 but it sold out even so.) (Limited availability too so max 1 per customer currently.) EDIT: That might give a better overview actually without having to go through foreign languages on various store sites here.
What AMD needs to do is make a card that is for MINING ONLY, and will NOT do anything else. Then charge a astronomical price for it to fleece the mining world, so the rest of us whom at looking into new GRAPHICS cards, can purchase one without having to take out a second mortgage on our homes to hope to get a mid-tier gaming card.... Or, the bottom could drop out of mining, or a source code virus/worm could infect everyone involved with cryptocurrency, i'd be perfectly fine with that aspect as well......
There are plenty of RX and Vega cards available in Canada they're just priced rediculously.