CPU-Z 1.91 has entry for 48-Core Threadripper 3980X

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AMD is firing all cylinders, maximum throttle !! Even if TR has a very niche market, the fact that it exists might convince a lot of other markets that they are now the LEADER and look into other products from their portfolio... One year back I was talking to my hosting provider (for business) in the hope to get an Epyc computer running for us. They had none. NONE. Zero offers from AMD. All DELL servers all Intel. THAT is the problem with the market right now, these giants are slumbering and using Intel as if AMD doesn't even exist on the map... I'm so pissed. It's time for someone like Google and Amazon to take AMD seriously and deploy AMD servers on a massive scale and break the f*kin* Intel enterprise monopoly already...
There are factors contributing to this. One Enterprise environment moves at its own pace. Sometimes infuriatingly slow, something to be aware. More, in large companies, the money invested has to return every ounce, penny possible with biggest revenue. So nobody will rush out to buy the latest just because... benchmarks. Second In large corporations, there is the dreaded IT manager or a consortium of sort who gives or takes the funds for IT infrastructure. And by golly, nothing moves with proper paperwork and approvals. Slow? Burocracy? Whatever, everyone wants their back covered by paperwork and will NOT risk anything who can get back and bite them in the ass. Third. Intel knows all the above, and knows how to "consolidate" some deals and how to please a CEO or small private firm IT managers. Has money to pay some third world countries debt, so they make everything possible that EPYC doesn't get into data center environment. Will take some guts and some bold, untamed IT companies who doesn't give a rat ass for Intel micromanagement and take action, so everyone will follow.. As a funny story, where I've worked, IT department still had some CoreDuo machines running Vista Enterprise. The hardware still works, why spend money?

You could sum it all up with "Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM", but Intel instead of IBM. A lot of tech executives are CLUELESS about technology. .
This. And it's worse in some areas. Likewise, the local town hall sports and youth activities chief in command is an 50 years 200 kg guy.