Cooltek noise-insulated X4 Chassis

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^ A rather hideous and ugly case. Will probably do a poor job of cooling by the look of it. No ventilation means forget hardcore overclocking unless you want your internals melting...
right, because every hardcore OCer will buy a budget sub 40E case.
That's one ugly piece of... Not to mention the 1980's PSU in the Top, and what looks like a 92MM Fan in the back. Cooltek... not so much.
this case not only outdated but looks poorly design to me it may focusing on noise, but no front intake means more heat in chassis more heat = higher fan rpm = more noise
Really comments from u people suffice ........
i've never seen a case that DOESNT have some sort of opening to let air in. there would be (almost) no air movement, so not really possible to cool it that way. plus for the fact that even a +10y old gateway/dell/hp's have a front inlet (bottom of the front panel), i doubt there is none on this one.... not saying this would be my prefered case, but i would take this over anything with a "screaming" front bezel and/or/lights...
Well, it really is a budget case. No need to talk it down, but hell, it certainly doesn't offer much to the average gamer looking for a case 🙄
I would say it's designed like this because it's a budget case, but there are budget cases in the same price range that feature an exhaust, higher sized fan placements, and better placement of the psu and hard drives for cable management. I guess I just don't see the point in this design.