Cooler Master CM Storm Alcor and Mizar Gaming Mice

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It reminds me of sensei, just more fancy looking. I'm using sentinel for quite some time and it's one of the best mouses i have used beside naga. Nice new lineup though.
I love my CM Storm Sentinel, fits my hand better then any other mouse I've tried. These 2 look like they are a slightly different shape, but maybe that's just the angle of the pictures?
Actually my CM Storm Sentinel Advance II just died some days ago after almost 2 years of gaming. It was a good mouse, but the outer layer on it wore off too fast, the upper body accumulated a lot of dust and dirt in these little holes which I can't clean out. Recently the mouse stopped respondig for like 4 seconds, at random, you can imagine my rage while playing BF4... and now the scroll stopped working properly as well. I decided to go back to Logitech G500 (always loved the mice in this line, perfect shape for my hand) but I am sure CM Storm will get better in time with their mice, the keyboards are already awesome, I love my CM Storm Trigger mechanical keyboard, which I got the same time I got the mouse but it doesn't have a single scratch on it.