BeQuiet! Now offers a Dark Base Pro 900 White Edition

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I like that you can install only the drive bays you'll need. This saves on space. Being able to flip-flop the motherboard in one orientation or the other is a non-feature to me since I don't like the "upside-down" motherboard orientation with a windowed case because the printed text on motherboard and video card(s) is upside-down. I mean, if you're going to show off the insides, who wants to look at the upside down text? Especially with newer motherboards with LED-illuminated text?
Not cheap by any means, but beautiful. I like it, a lot.
the case name does not really make sense, why it is not called Light Base 900? Dark base 900 White edition is a bad oxymoron
i love their quality, but i really wish they'd make matx and itx cases too. we like quiet a lot, we just moved on to nas storage.
I have to say that this is a great looking and versatile chassis.
@Prometheus336 it does, when you look at the naming scheme for their products, and does not relate to its color