Battlefield 1 In the Name of the Tsar DLC Coming Tomorrow

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Where are the Black Russian women!? THE RACISM IS REAL. "This video may be inappropriate for some users." Yeah, for users that study a subject called History. But who cares about that nowadays, right? Also as a native Russian, this game altogether makes me twitch.
I am waiting for the next Battlefield.... hopefully it will be good.
I loved BF3 and BF4, so bought the full BF1 package but have hardly played at all since last year, just burned out I think.
I bought Deluxe and Season Pass and have every single BF game ever released except for Hardline. I paid over 100£ for this game and i'm not sorry i did but for what i've played which is less than a 100hours then i realize it's not me getting old but it's Dice/EA that's ruining the BF experience. In the beginning Dice said that DLC won't happen on new BF games and that they'd learnt from previous games not to split the player base. BF1 IS Split and that will only get worse as they release more DLC's. The player base is already small so @ night when i want a game i find it hard to find servers that are populated. This new DLC will bring some players back but for how long? Game gets boring pretty quick. Sad.
Oh and BTW it's only available tomorrow for for Premium Pass Players.
I dont even have Origin installed anymore
Just bought the premium pass just for this, looks far better then the French DLC. Well and because it's on sale, got it for just 26,99 euro with origin access discount.

PUBG is for plebs.
I've played it a couple times, i don't understand the hype either, it's not that great tbh. H1Z1 isn't better either, but i'd rather play that.