ASUS TUF Z590-Plus WIFI review

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No spellchecker Hilbert? 😀 p3: it whouls be noted that the moehrbaor is listed as Thunderbolt compatible, but thus now has Thunderbol on-board. On p4, price noted as $469, but elsewhere in article its 229 USD/EUR.
Ah, I knew I forgot something on my to-do list .. grammar checking the article. Fixed thanks.
I've had this mobo with 11400F, unfortunately the TUF z590 has a problem with my G.Skill Ripjaws V F4-3200C14D-16GVK. They don't want work on XMP or manual setting above 2933 Gear 1. All other settings have the effect of turning the computer off and on when Windows is restarted. but the memory parameters in windows are kept. maybe it's bios bugs, I'm waiting for a newer version