Assassin's Creed Odyssey Reshade mod

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OH Dear that hand sliding through the blade is so painful to watch 😕 but very realistic yes yes
I miss Ezio 🙁 Pretty dope though.
do people think that triple A game devs don't have access to contrast filters, depth of field, and cel shading? ReShade mods are such overhyped garbage. they make the art look muddy and distorted from the original artwork made by artists. all the hard work was done by the devs at Ubisoft. I see nothing impressive here beyond what Ubisoft have already created. I could see using it to run as different graphics APIs for various reasons (compatibility or speed issues, stereoscopic injection), or to give older games where these post processing effects weren't possible a facelift. leave 2 year old games alone... if you're so good then go design a game. lol
What a load of bollocks. Reshade is poop. Maybe for older, outdated looking games, but the fact some people feel the need to add oversaturated colours and silly sharpening to new games is just dumb
there are some cool ENB-reshades but this one looks bad, it's over-contrasted, over sharpened the sun is whiter and colder than a LED it looks completely fake and unnatural, I'm sure there will be something better than this my skyrim enb is pretty cold and makes the low quality of some parts pop-up because it's sharper than vanilla but it's not that extreme
That honestly looks amazing! Reshade mods have come a long way!