Apple Introduces 16-inch MacBook Pro Notebook

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Hilbert Hagedoorn:

All-New MacBook Pro Features an Immersive 16-Inch Retina Display, Up to 80 Percent Faster Performance and a New Magic Keyboard. The all-new MacBook Pro features a 16-inch Retina Display, the latest 8... Apple Introduces 16-inch MacBook Pro Notebook
I see what you did there, Apple. No way in hell would you acknowledge the keyboard failures from previous models, releasing a new Macbook with the fix (hope so) and screw customers in buying a new computer, just to be the hugest , collosal jerk in this galaxy.
if i had 2600$ + tax to trash, i would buy the 16 inch, 6 cores, radeon 5500m model. But i m not so rich. But i got a macbook pro 15 inch, late 2015 model for work, 3.5 years ago, i love it. But i burnt the batteries twice i have to say.
Also LOL at `8 core is twice as fast as your older quad core`
the interface is fine to me. I miss USB ports tho. If you develop apps or web stack, the macos is better than windows for me... Also if you do generic usage is better. Also if you do world of warcraft 🙂 Why do you think the interface is useless? @SweenJM

I just hate their "simplified to the point of uselessness" interface.......that, and tearing them down to fix, i really hate taking them apart. But i will say one good thing, i make a lot of money on them when i do.....I don't fix macs cheaply. Not sure if anyone does.
I hate that they glue their screens, i miss the old models with the magnets(the AiO)
Despite i don't like too much the UI, it is really good premium product. The fact that they dev the hardware with the software, permit Apple to do more with less compared to a normal PC (those who have seen what you can do with the big iPad know what i am talking about). Also about the keyboard fail they have changed for free for all the user, MSI, Asus and more had issue and have done the same. The bad thing is that they are less PC compatible than the old one.