Antec adds two new HCG-M Performance Power Supplies

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Can't fault Antec PSU's. My 620w is rock solid and not given me any trouble. They should make a lower Wattage (400w~) as I would have one in a heartbeat for a smaller rig.
I had 750W Antec with 5 years warranty, after 2 years it started to make coil whine so it went for warranty, after 2 weeks i got it back with replaced one of the modular cable (it was good before), broken hook on 24-pin cable, not repaired at all. I sold it very quickly, very cheap. About new HCG-M i could say it is much too expensive for what it is - the truth is that it is not sea-sonic build anymore and it is BRONZE. I could buy GOLD 700W certified PSU for HCG-750M money.
5 years warranty? Not bad. Good to know considering that's the series I have.
I'm a consistent Antec PSU user. From an Earthwatts-380 and Basiq-550 in computers I've built for family members, to a TruePowerII-550 and Truepower New-750 for my own computers, they have reliable OEM's (Sea*sonic and Delta) and great reviews.