AMD Radeon Software Crimson 16.6.2 driver download

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Thank you , downloading now 🙂
I wonder will this fix the severe issue I have been having in the last few weeks with Star Wars Battlefront just randomly hanging entire machine with a black screen. Never had any problem before and using same hardware and settings since game came out... something has changed in game or drivers that is causing it. I even downclocked the GPUs by 600MHz to 500MHz to see if it was overheating issue and the thing still crashed at this speed. Also reduced in game settings from High to Medium and still crashed. I previously was able to have everything at Ultra apart from some AA. I did get the same random black screen crashing when testing with Furmark though while watching GPU temps and temp was not abnormally high, also power levels were no different than they ever have been even at full GPU speeds, so I am really stumped as to how to fix this.
Year 2016, forced Vsync from Radeon Settings still not working since 2012.