AMD Radeon RX 5700 and 5700 XT review

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not bad
I was right in my assumption made based on architecture description that RX 5700 (XT) will be great on 1080p. @Hilbert Hagedoorn : Test Environment & Equipment has following: Memory 16 GB (4x 4MB) 2400 MHz DDR4 32 GB 4x8MB) 3200 MHz DDR4 = = = = Btw. I intend to order 5700 XT. ...It is still not listed on our shops.
Yeah, I'd be tempted by this the XT at 350 (partner custom AIB)
looks like that dent in the shroud did nothing for accoustics.
this gpu is pretty amazing from the result, and it cost $399 which is not great value card but its certainly not bad too. As a consumer, i think i will skip the RTX and RTX super series and current radeon lineup. Not gonna consider both parties because i have a GTX 1070ti, there are currently only 4 rtx titles and a benchmark, and performance wise the 1070ti still holds up. For those upgrading from 9xx series or 1060 and lower, the radeon 5700xt will provide a nice upgrade or if you want nvidia rtx 2070 super is the card to get.
very impressive results, amd made a lot of progress with their GPU and CPU divisions my next CPU will be 3700X
5700 at 399€ and XT at 449€ in France (inc Taxes). Sapphire models In Stock.
This ia better than expected. Amd improved on all areas. 5700xt is up there with 2070S/2080 for 399$.
5700 XT seems like a great buy actually. It's doing some weird stuff tho 😀 like BF5 holy what. But still gives solid performance vs lets say Vega 64 in every title 1440p
GJ ATI/AMD 😀 THX for review HH.
Will wait for custom AIB models, noise is a big deal for me
This gives me hope. 5800/5900xt can actually challange or beat 2080ti. No wonder nvidia is already preparing ampere.
5700 sounds like a possible upgrade, I don't quite care yet for raytracing, only that the prices are going down somewhat.
Definitely better than expected...even though these cards are noisy, competitive performance is there on launch day. nVidia really do need the new Supers out there...
WOW! Definitely better than I expected, 5700XT is looking very tempting, bank account is getting nervous 😱
Just need Navi 20 and there may be competition in the high end for once in the last while.
5700xt seems like a better pick for same price as RTX2060 super. Not sure if RTX2070 super is $100 better than 5700xt
The architecture looks promising but it is not quite there yet. I'm gonna wait for 2nd gen/bigger dies - maybe even with HBM2.
Seems to overall have the same performance-per-watt as the 2070 Super and 2060 Super respectively. Considering the cloud of pessimism surrounding PPW, I'd say that's pretty good. Of course, it'd be nice if it were a little bit better, but this is a nice step in the right direction. I'm still not going to buy these, not yet anyway. I'd like to see if driver updates help, or maybe wait until 2nd gen rDNA.
Not bad at all. Now need to see about 3rd party proper coolers, getting overclocking sorted out and how much extra they can get out of driver maturation with this new archtecture. And prices of course in a month or two. Competitive though, no wonder nvidia had to do something ..... Bring it on 😀 As an aside I can prices in the UK, but nvidia super tend still not to be listed, what is going on there?