AMD Processor Update - February 2016

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This is overall good news, I'm very curious to see what the excavator performance is like, perhaps compared to piledriver that is the 8370.
That is a nice performance improvement over the last cooler for sure.
I love the new cooler the old one was kinda sad, I don't know about godaveri apus but the 5800k I currently still have has huge throttling issues even with a 240mm aio.
Wraith bundle vs Wrath bundle
I don't know. I kinda like the sound of "Wrath" bundle.
It would be good to see a quad core AMD Athlon X 845 benchmarked against some other AMD and Intel chips, all clocked at the same speed. It would give a nice IPC comparison as well as potentially giving a clue about what Zen performance will be like.