AMD PRO A-Series Processors for Business

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It looks like they made a processor that addresses real business needs. Perhaps it would be good for home server too.
Be nice to have a desktop socketed version of this...
Lovely, but I already moved $1000 for AMD APU notebook to another use. But since this will be on market next year, I may still get A12. Tho, what's difference between FX-8800p and A12-xxxx? Is that worth introducing new naming? Or is that due to OEMs who butchered FX (performance moniker) by 15W hardlock? Unless A12 had higher base clock than FX-8800p, then it is same silicon.
AMD needs to release Excavator parts for desktop, and they could really use a hex core model for desktops too. I think releasing those would hold them over better than these mobile and embedded parts, though I could be wrong about that.
Don't know if it is good or not... It is business version of processor that are just so so vs intel variant in mainstream market, that are launch on a market where those Intel proc are not a good choise... i don't think it is a right move. Despite good news (AMD think again about us lol), i was expecting more than that... *edit*: I love the way it look impressive 🙂 .... "Key features of the new AMD PRO mobile processor include: First commercial processor in the industry designed to be compliant with the Heterogeneous Systems Architecture (HSA) 1.0 specification to make programming accelerators such as the GPU far simpler, leading to greater application performance at low power consumption. First ARM TrustZone capable commercial performance APU with a dedicated AMD Secure Processor. ARM TrustZone runs on top of the hardware enabling sensitive tasks to run on the AMD Secure Processor -- in the "secure world" -- while other tasks are run in "standard operation." First commercial performance APU with a true System-on-Chip (SoC) design to provide substantial gains in CPU, graphics and multimedia performance. First commercial processor with High-Efficiency Video Compression (HEVC) decoder capability for mainstream notebooks to stream HD and Ultra HD content."
I could be wrong about that.
half wrong as it depend on what is needed (power/core, multiple core, low power, integrated or no, x86/x64/arm,24/7 or office hour use, on the OS etc etc etc), but i half agree with you :3eyes: