VLC Media Player 2.0.5

Videocards - Handy Utilities 86 Updated by Hilbert Hagedoorn

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  • GPU and DSP decoding, depending on the platform
  • Faster and more stable
  • New codecs and HD codecs enhancements
  • MKV, mp4 and avi improvements
  • Extensions
  • Important code cleanup and rewrite
  • Interface and playlist reworked
  • Completely Free


  • Fix buffer overflows in the RealMedia demuxer (CVE-2011-2587) and the AVI one (CVE-2011-2588).

Mozilla/ActiveX webplugin:

  • Fullscreen mode is fixed on Win32
  • Very simple fullscreen controller is visible on Win32

Demuxers/Meta Readers:

  • Better support for cover art embedded in mp4, wma


  • Fix AVI muxer so the generated files are readable on other players


  • Multiple fixes for crashes and malfunctionning issues

Qt Interface:

  • Fix opening of VIDEO_TS folders through the open disc dialog on Windows
  • Miscellaneous

Win32 port:

  • Update of codecs, fixing the mpeg-2 decoder crash


  • Update of Slovak, Lithunanian, Russian, Brazillian Portuguese, Serbian

Changes in version 2.0.5:

  • Rework and fixes of the Mac OS X interface
  • Fix Pulseaudio initial synchronization
  • Fix MKV, SWF, AIFF and subtitles demuxer crashes
  • Translations updates and new Welsh translation
  • DVB-S delivery system detection
  • Fix audio and video track selection through libVLC
  • Fix system sleep issue on Mac OS X 10.5

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