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NVIDIA wants to embrace the demoscene for what it is: a tightly knit community of people who live for their dedication to the scene, for creating demos and intros. With that in mind, NVIDIA would like to offer a brand new platform for sceners to show their works, an event so large that it has been unprecedented so far.

NVSCENE will offer classic demoscene competitions: demo, for people who just want to let their ideas flow and 4k intro for coders who like to shave bytes off one-by-one. Two competitions that have been pillars of the demoscene for so long, presented the way it's always been.

PC Demos

 01   181 Stargazer - Andromeda & Orb
 02   177 Into The Pink - Plastic
 03   146 Midnight run - Andromeda Software Development
      146 n-0505 - xplsv feat. nine inch nails
 05   124 Binary Alchemy - Northern Dragons
 06    95 moove - fresh!mindworkz
 07    94 Rarefaction - Youth Uprising
 08    93 Proton - Science and Blackmaiden
 09    90 Ersatz - Limp Ninja
 10    86 Echoes - Anadune
       86 Life on Air - System K
 12    64 Visage - Nah-Kolor
 13    61 Shmakalucha - imbusy & kondencuotas pienas
 14    59 See em Why Kay? - Guideline
 15    47 Biocore - eXtrait


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