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Official benchmark software displays actual maps and characters, and allows you to check your PC's score for actual play of FINAL FANTASY XI for Windows.

When you start the official benchmark software, a score is displayed every time map makes full cycle. You can tell your computer's specifications by this score. The meaning of various score values are explained below. However, this indicator is only for reference and does not guarantee that your system will run FINAL FANTASY XI for Windows.

Special Demo Mode!

The program's demo mode allows you to view selected event scenes from FINAL FANTASY XI, showcasing the game's fantastic visuals.

Note: This special demo mode is a rolling demonstration and does not contain benchmark features.

High-resolutions graphics!

A high-resolution mode has been added, bringing the world of Vana'diel to life with even more detail. Of course, low-resolution mode is still available for users with lower-spec machines. Choose the setting for your own system and enjoy!


[ Graphics Card ]
Please check the Type of Chip and VRAM sections in the PlayOnline System Information. The chip name and VRAM capacity of the graphics card used are displayed here. However, Windows 98, Windows 98SE, and Windows Me don't display the amount of VRAM. If this is the case, please investigate using a DirectX diagnostic tool.

Please confirm the value in Type of Chip is GeForce series, and the value of VRAM is 32MB or higher.

If all of the above requirements are met, but the FINAL FANTASY XI Official BenchMark is distorted or suddenly shuts down, there may be problems with your graphics card.

Please confirm the installed graphics driver version displayed in Graphics Card Group of the PlayOnline System Information. The drivers used by our company to check operation is the Detonator 3082 reference drivers of nVIDIA. Please acquire the driver equivalent to this reference driver from the appropriate manufacturer and install it after uninstalling the old driver. *Please refer here for a detailed description of graphics cards.

Please contact your PC manufacturer regarding how to obtain or upgrade drivers. Depending on the machine used, changing drivers may cause problems. It is the customer's responsibility to upgrade drivers. We are not responsible for any results of changing drivers.

[ DirectX ]
The version of DirectX installed in your PC is displayed in the "Version of DirectX" section of the PlayOnline System Information. Please confirm that it is DirectX 8.1 or higher.

If program does not start properly and displays an error message such as "Error Starting Program A required.DLL file, D3D8.DLL, was not found". then DirectX 8.1 is not installed in your PC. DirectX 8.1 can be downloaded from the Microsoft website.

Depending on the machine used, installing DirectX 8.1 may cause problems. It is your responsibility to install the software in contact with your PC manufacturer. We are not responsible for any results of the installation of DirectX.

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