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Differing from past versions, Cinebench 2024 operates with consistent render algorithms across CPU and GPU platforms. This version marks the return of GPU benchmarking, an element absent in past iterations.

The software offers compatibility across a spectrum of hardware setups:

  • X86/64 architectures (both Intel and AMD) on Windows and macOS platforms.
  • Arm64 architecture for Apple Silicon on macOS and Qualcomm Snapdragon on Windows.
  • GPU testing compatibility encompasses NVIDIA, AMD, and Apple graphic processors.

A hallmark feature of Cinebench 2024 is its unified scene file employed for both CPU and GPU tests. This provides users with a realistic insight into the capabilities of Redshift GPU, emphasizing the potential benefits of state-of-the-art graphics hardware in rendering activities.

The interface has undergone significant revisions, emphasizing a more logical and visually captivating user experience, all while emphasizing the prowess of the Redshift rendering engine used in Cinema 4D.

Regarding its technical performance attributes:

  • Cinebench 2024 has a memory footprint three times larger than Cinebench R23, addressing the memory demands of modern assignments.
  • A sixfold augmentation in computational effort has been incorporated, along with the addition of current instruction sets, aiming to resonate with the intricacy of today's creative endeavors.

It's essential to recognize that the metrics from Cinebench 2024 and its forerunner, Cinebench R23, are not directly comparable. This discrepancy arises due to the shift to the Redshift rendering engine, the expanded memory footprint, and the heightened complexity of scenes.



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