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D3DGear is an advanced Windows utility for DirectX & OpenGL game. It provides following features: measure 3D game framerate, capture 3D game screenshot, record 3D game to AVI movie and mirror systray status into 3D game. D3DGear provides great features and excellent performance that you won't find elsewhere: the in-game Movie Recording only consumes 15% game framerate; the PerfGraph performance analyzer let you take a in-depth look at game system bottle neck; with Systray integration feature, you don't have to miss your email while playing game.

What is new in D3DGear 1.90?
D3DGear 1.90 added support to x64 OS, including Vista x64 and XP x64. D3DGear 1.90 also added improvement in running on Vista.

x64 OS Support:
In previous version, although D3DGear worked on x64 OS, it only worked with 32bit program. It didn't work with native 64bit applications.

In version 1.90, D3DGear added support to work with native 64bit application on x64 OS, including Windows Vista x64 and Windows XP x64 .

Improvement in Running on Vista:
D3DGear requires itself and 3D application to run with admin privilege in order to work properly. On Windows XP, it is not an issue as long as user log on as an administrator. However on Windows Vista, because Microsoft introduced UAC feature, logon as administrator does not give application admin privilege, users need to use "Run As Admin" right click menu to elevate program to run with full privilege and users also need to answer OS UAC prompt for that. This created a lot of usage issues and bad user experience.

In version 1.90, D3DGear no longer requires user to force elevating each 3D application to run with full admin privilege. D3DGear only prompt UAC message box once to elevate itself. After that, 3D application will automatically work with D3DGear without UAC prompt.

Release News:
Mar 07, 2007 Version 1.90

  • Added x64 OS support, including Windows Vista x64 and Windows XP x64.
  • Added improvement in running on Windows Vista; users no longer are required to elevate 3D application to run under admin privilege.
  • Fixed a crash that would randomly occur when recording movie from a windowed 3D application.
  • Added enhancement of Punkbuster Compatible mode to support DirectX8 application. This enhancement is required to solve the issue where American Army user would be kicked from Punkbuster enabled server.
  • Added support to legacy IDirectInputDevice2 interface.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista.
  • DirectX 9.0, OpenGL 1.2.
  • DirectX9 compliant video card.
  • Install and run with administrator privilege.

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