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You just need to set your wished clock and it calculates all other settings, for example. It automatically sets the correct CPU-RAM-ratio and Referenceclock:HTT-Ratio.

It´s also able to calculate the new TDP with the overclocked settings.

Changelog 1.9.6:

- Small Benchmark added.

Changelog 1.9.5:

- Fixed bug error occurs when selecting some Intel Mobile processors.
- Added plus- and minusbuttons for K10Calc.
- Calculation when multiplicator is changed now works at K10Calc.
- Fixed uploaded .ccalc-file has .txt-ending in the filename.
- Ramratio is know shown in bold font so it´s better visible when manual-setting is enabled.
- Some unimportant things.

Changelog 1.9.4:

-X2 5400BE added.
-Values can now be saved and loaded to .ccalc-files.
-.ccalc-files can now be uploaded with the message at "Bugreport+ideas".
-Many small things.

Changelog 1.9.2:

  • Serious bug fixed at the "Upload CPUID" function. Now the real CPUID will be uploaded.
  • Added Update-Function. CPUCalc can now check for updates.
  • Added Upload-CPUID-function. Your CPUID can be uploaded automatically. Please upload your CPUID so that later on CPUCalc can choose your CPU itself.

Changelog 1.8.5

  • You are now able to set the CPU-RAM-Ratio manually.
  • New K10HTT-Algorithm.
  • K10 CPU-RAM-Ratio with DDR2667-RAM works now.
  • Many small things fixed like typing-mistakes.
  • Fixed Bug DID can be 0 and 1 instead 1 and 2.


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