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This is a beta version of the upcoming Catalyst 7.1 Radeon driver from ATI/AMD. We are sure a lot of people will be really pleased to see it. The revision build of this archive is 8.33 and should be an interesting driver for sure. I can not stress enough that this is a beta driver which is distributed by ASUS. You use it at your own risk.

Should you try them out then pelase share you experiences in this forum thread. In it's original form the driver is a steep 150 MB download. We have been able to recrunch the data a tad better, yet it's still a 91 MB download.

For those that have an issue with the installation:

Install the new beta drivers.. it only installs the CCC at this point.. giving an error for both the display drivers and the avstream drivers.

Then reboot, go into the device manager, updated the main graphics drivers and point it to the folder with the beta drivers.. and that has the display drivers to install properly.

On the next startup windows will ask to help it install the avstream drivers! Point it to the folder with the WDM drivers. Now all seems to work fine. Your graphics card will carry an ASUS label .. but do not worry about that.

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