AMD Catalyst 12.1a Preview Windows XP

Videocards - ATI Catalyst XP 32-bit 277 Updated by Hilbert Hagedoorn

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The AMD Catalyst 12.1a Preview driver includes all of the features found in AMD Catalyst 12.1 Preview.

We have a discussion thread open for these drivers right here.

Additional changes for upcoming update of Rage

  • Resolves some new texture corruption issues introduced by the latest version of the game
  • Improved performance ~5%
  • Smoother game play and reduces multicore sync points
  • Fixed mapbuffer failures when switching maps on 32-bit systems.
  • Fixed a game crash when switching maps back and forth on 32 and 64bit systems
Build Info:
DriverVer=01/02/2012, 8.930.10.0000

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