Cdkeyoffer Spring Sale presents Windows 11 Pro at $16 and many more discounts (19-4-24)


One of the websites that has the best offers, and is also reliable, is, where the prices they have stand out, especially in the Microsoft operating system, both the current version and the previous one, both for the Pro and Home versions . And also, with the exclusive code, you get an additional 30% discount to be able to enjoy lifetime licenses. Or what is the same, you pay once and forget about problems.

Here are all the discounts you will have access to by entering the GURU30 promotional code:

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro OEM CD-KEY GLOBAL 16.2USD--(after 30% discount GURU30)
Microsoft Windows 11 Pro OEM CD-KEY GLOBAL 22.0USD--(after 30% discount GURU30)
Microsoft Windows 10 Home OEM CD-KEY GLOBAL 14.5USD--(after 30% discount GURU30)
Office2016 Professional Plus CD Key Global 27.8USD--(after 30% discount GURU30)
Office2019 Professional Plus CD Key Global 45.1USD--(after 30% discount GURU30)