Windows 12 Scheduled for June 2024 Launch, becomes AI-Integrated PC platform

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According to the Commercial Times, Microsoft is set to release Windows 12 in June 2024, accompanied by a series of AI-integrated personal computers. This information, not explicitly attributed to direct sources, is inferred to be based on comments from Quanta CEO Barry Lam and Acer CEO Jason Chen, who were present at the Taiwan Medical Technology Exhibition in Taipei.

The report from the Commercial Times suggests that the release of Windows 12 and the new range of AI PCs might align, based on observations made at the exhibition. Though the article lacks direct quotes from the CEOs, it infers that the statements by Chen and Lam at the event indirectly support this information. Chen expressed a measured optimism regarding the potential of AI PCs to catalyze industry growth through a cycle of new AI applications and hardware. Lam, on the other hand, was more assertive, anticipating growth in Quanta's AI PC, server, and automotive electronics divisions. The report adds that Lam anticipates the launch of AI PCs in conjunction with Microsoft's new operating system next summer, although this is not a direct quote from him.

The demand for AI PCs, as per Lam, is challenging to predict but presents a significant opportunity for the industry. Chen believes that the demand for AI PCs will grow steadily, with generative AI applications enhancing the value of these computers.

In the evolving tech landscape, AI integration is becoming crucial, and Microsoft is positioned to lead this advancement with Windows 12. The current Windows 11 already includes a beta version of Copilot AI, which is expected to be more refined in Windows 12, benefiting from improved hardware support. Satya Nadella of Microsoft hinted at a need for “a new system architecture” to achieve seamless AI integration, as per a Notebookcheck report.

Nadella also suggested that Windows 12 could revolutionize the user experience, possibly replacing the traditional Start button with the Copilot feature. Copilot, envisioned as an orchestrator of application experiences, could transform user habits by assisting in learning, querying, and creating. While it currently can launch most integrated applications, its functionality, especially in voice command and file explorer access, is anticipated to expand in Windows 12.

This announcement marks the first specific mention of a release month for Windows 12, following previous rumors pointing to a potential release in late 2024.


Source: Commercial Times

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