Watch_Dogs - New Official Patch

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Ubisoft has released a new patch for the PC version of Watch_Dogs that addresses the stuttering that most PC gamers encountered while using "High" textures, and optimizes the game's performance. According to the dev team, this patch will reduce instances of stuttering during gameplay, especially for those who were using "High" textures.

Still, those that want to enjoy the game with its Ultra textures may still encounter various stuttering side effects (especially if their VRAM is not enough for them).

Here is the complete changelog for the latest update of Watch_Dogs PC:

  •   Several fixes to improve NAT type error messages.
  •   Fix for PCs with multiple network interfaces.
  •   Fixed an issue at the Poker Table in which the button appeared corrupted after being pulled from the surveillance camera when Aiden is dealing the cards.
  •   Fixed weapon wheel issue that prevent shotgun selection with mouse.
  •   Fixed title crashes on loading screen, while Aiden selects to restart last autosave, after previously interacting with the

Watch_Dogs - New Official Patch

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