Ubisoft might block Far Cry 4 copies bought through third-party key sellers

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We have no real source or validity to this rumor, but news is surfacing the web that Far Cry 4 copies that were bought through third-party resellers like G2Play and G2A will be killed. G2Play for example is huge and is a legit key reseller.

The rumor right now is that the keys have been stolen and maybe that's the reason why they're being blocked. G2Play and G2Aare popular digital retailers based in Hong Kong that scan and/or photograph the keys from retail boxes.

Website eTeknix reported this story; The games are a lot cheaper there and the internet allows them to sell those keys digitally worldwide where the games cost more.

“This is an outrageous and ridiculous way of doing business. And don’t you think as I do, that maybe those people who actually PAY for the game (even though Ubisoft will make a few bucks less in Poland because I bought the game from…I don’t know, a…hungarian original retailer), will, in time, in frustration, after that sort of strategy and behaviour, after the way you made people buy not-finished games, will stop buying them at all or keep using less scrupulous retailers to get what they want? And nobody wants that.”

– Voiced a user on the Ubisoft support forums The above statement doesn’t stand on its own, as the forum thread has 19 pages with over 180 posts at the time of writing, mostly with support for the OP.

Ubisoft might block Far Cry 4 copies bought through third-party key sellers

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