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PC.IGN and ShackNews has posted their impressions of Wolfenstein, the upcoming first-person shooter. The game is planned to hit simultaneously on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, though no release date has been set.

The demo began with a machinegun-armed B.J. blasting away at swastika-bearing soldiers, making his way to an objective amidst an urban battlefield. After some standard gun play, we got a taste of the "Veil" powers, special abilities that B.J. can activate to give him an edge in combat. The first revealed was a time-stopping power, which naturally slowed combat down to a snail's pace. When used, these powers will shift B.J. into the Veil world, the green-hued, energy-filled realm that Hitler is after. The Nazis are the only ones who have been meddling in this world, so enemy structures will exist in the Veil--a sort of Soul Reaver-esque changing of level geometry.

Strange bee-like aliens also inhabit the Veil, collecting some kind of energy for a mysterious purpose. These fat alien bees can be shot and killed, their amassed energy exploding outward and damaging the soldiers around them. While the bees were all we saw, Raven noted that other types of creatures will show up later in the game, and they may be utilized to accomplish objectives. Outside of the Veil, combat seemed to be typical Wolfenstein fare, though enemy AI is now smart enough to make use of cover. As such, that cover can be exploded and dispersed via Havok physics. B.J. can also get hands on with enemies, using weapons in melee fashion. A Raven rep made mention of a sledgehammer weapon, indicating that pure melee arms will be featured.

The presentation ended with a short boss fight featuring a "heavy trooper," an armored humanoid with an impenetrable forcefield protecting him. To defeat him, B.J. had to enter the Veil to bypass the shield, then attack several weak points on the hulking trooper. After killing him, our hero picked up the enemy's weapon, a Ghostbusters-like laser beam that incinerated enemies on contact, blasting cover out of the way.

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