SCYTHE Cooling Manufacturer Issues Warning on Unauthorized Sales and Counterfeit Products in China

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SCYTHE, the CPU cooling technology company, has reported that it does not have official representation in China, raising concerns about the authenticity of products sold under its name in the region. According to a statement from SCYTHE the market has seen counterfeit products, such as the "GT360" integrated water-cooling radiator, falsely using the SCYTHE trademark.

The issue originated when a third party registered the SCYTHE trademark in China in 2008 without authorization, leading to its unauthorized use and resale. It was not until 2023 that a court decision invalidated this registration, recognizing SCYTHE's legitimate claim to the trademark. Following this, SCYTHE has applied for trademark registration in China, which is currently pending.

SCYTHE has expressed its regret over the confusion and inconvenience caused by this situation to its customers and plans to take legal action against the sale of counterfeit products once its trademark registration is approved. The company also noted that it is in the process of developing water-cooling radiator products, but these products have not yet been commercialized. SCYTHE advises consumers to be wary of unverified products claiming to be associated with their brand in China.


Source: HXL

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