Samsung to Release a truly Bezel-less TV at CES

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Samsung Electronics will introduce its premium, bezel-less TV at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2020.

The company plans to mass produce the TV starting from February. Samsung managed to eliminate the bezel for TVs sized 65 inches and larger. Instead, the company chose to more closely weld together the display panel and the main body. Samsung will be making this a basic feature for its TV series lineup sized 65 inches and larger. The company has achieved this by closely welding together the display panel and the main body of the TV; using equipment from the Shinsegye Engineering for the process.

According to one developer that worked on the upcoming product, the TV unlike “other bezel-less” TVs that still have bezels, actually offers “zero-bezels.” The developer stated that Samsung is the only company to have such an “extreme design” ready for production.

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