Samsung to implement fingerprint sensor in Galaxy S5

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Samsung will be shipping the Galaxy S5 with a fingerprint sensor embedded in the device's home button similar to the one on Apple's iPhone 5s. In order to use the sensor, a user will have to swipe from the top of the home button to the bottom. 

The report mentions that the sensor would not function with moist or wet fingers and the user will be presented an error. The interesting aspect of Samsung's implementation is that during the swipe, the S5 will show the fingerprint being scanned on the display in real-time. It is also revealed that the fingerprint sensor will be used for providing security to the apps of the user's choice in addition to the whole device as Samsung has enabled the functionality throughout the operating system on the Galaxy S5. Up to eight fingerprints can be stored on the Galaxy S5 with one mandatory for unlocking the smartphone. The Galaxy S5 will feature a Personal Folder and Private Mode accessible by entering a PIN, unlock pattern or stored fingerprint. 

Well, I would rather Samsung introduce something like an eye scanner. Or fingerprint scanner built into the screen. I think either of those would be more "innovative" than Touch ID.

Samsung to implement fingerprint sensor in Galaxy S5

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