Samsung Develops 512 GB 7.2 Gbps DDR5 Memory Modules

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Samsung revealed their DDR5 memory standard development at this year's Hot Chips 33 conference. The corporation has made many advancements as the newer standard combines with new technologies to give faster and more capacity. 

The DDR5 modules are 8-high (8H) stacked TSV (through silicon via) dies. Samsung formerly employed 4-high (4H) stacked TSV dies, which are thicker than the newest 8-high dies. Samsung used thin wafer handling techniques to produce the new thin design, reducing gap between stacked dies by 40%. They are thinner than the earlier 4H DDR5 modules at 1.0mm.

Samsung expects the new DDR5 modules to bring considerable performance. Samsung's RDIMM/LRDIMM modules can hold up to 512 GB and run at 7.2 Gbps. Of course, this only applies to servers/enterprises. Regular consumers/PC users should expect UDIMMs up to 64 GB. Samsung's solution achieves the 7.2 Gbps speed at 1.1 Volts of power, making it incredibly efficient. According to the company's estimates, the DDR5 general market crossover is not expected until 2023/2024, giving memory makers plenty of time to perfect their DDR5 products.

Samsung Develops 512 GB 7.2 Gbps DDR5 Memory Modules

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