ASUS Radeon RX 64 Review taken offline

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Yesterday we published the ASUS Radeon RX 64 STRIX review. As shown, it performs awfully similar towards the reference Radeon RX 64. This morning I received a phone call from ASUS, asking us if we’d be willing to take down the article for a few days as they have made a mistake. 

The sample we received did not get a final BIOS for its final clock frequencies and fan tweaking. Ergo, the sample we received carries a default reference BIOS.

It’s a colossal mistake, but as such the end-results in the review are not representative enough for the final product. ASUS will get the finalized BIOS over once they have finished (likely a day or two) after which we will re-test the card with that final BIOS and thus republish the review. All this explains why the STRIX card was so incredibly close to Vega 64 performance.

Apologies for the inconvenience, but this mistake was not one coming from us.

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