Razer Project Carol, gaming chair with surround sound and vibration

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Razer returns with some wild concepts, as it does every year. In 2023, the company unveiled Project Carol, a gamer chair accessory. It's a pillow that includes a surround sound system as well as a haptic vibration system.

Razer claims that when these features are combined, gamers will experience new levels of immersion. According to the company, Project Carol will be compatible with any PC that has 7.1 surround sound output, as well as any gaming chair that has adjustable straps. It connects via 2.4GHz wireless and can run for up to eight hours on a single charge.

Traditional wiring for common speakers, according to Razer, can be quite cumbersome, requiring additional space to install that gamers may not have. However, Project Carol faces other apparent challenges. Gaming headsets are extremely popular and would not be compatible with the Razer cushion.  Another issue is the cost. The fact that Project Carol is only a concept and not a reality is due to its worth. These kinds of products are considered niche, and Razer admits that not many gamers would invest in them.

Also, while the concept is sound, how many of you play with your head resting on the chair support? We'll have to wait and see if a product like this makes it to market.

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