QNAP Response Towards Cisco Claim VPNFilter Malware Infections

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QNAP today issued a statement in response to recent claims that QNAP NAS is prone to malware infections by a program called “VPNFilter”. QNAP has been aware of the presence of VPNFilter since 2017 - and has addressed the issue with updates to the QTS operating system and the QNAP NAS Malware Remover application.

This solution has been in place since mid-2017. The QNAP Security Response Team continuously investigates all security threats and releases updates as necessary to safeguard QNAP NAS users from the impact of malware and attacks. 

If you are concerned that malware has infected your QNAP NAS, install Malware Remover from the QTS App Center to scan your NAS. QNAP strongly recommends that all NAS users follow best practices for IT security by using the latest version of QTS and by periodically changing the password of the NAS administrator account.

For more information, and to view instructions for using Malware Remover, updating QTS, and changing the administrator account password, please refer to QNAP Security Advisory No. NAS-201805-24.

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