PowerColor Starts Selling XCONNECT based DEVIL BOX

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TUL Corporation (PowerColor) has announced their DEVIL BOX, which was shown at Computex earlier this year) is ready to sell. The PowerColor DEVIL BOX is based on AMD XConnect Technology which was introduced on March 16th, 2016 by AMD. 

AMD had developed this technology in collaboration with Intel’s Thunderbolt group and Razer Inc. The PowerColor DEVIL BOX is primarily for the users who would like to have an even more powerful graphics card on his/her notebook in pursuit of desktop-class graphics performance. With a qualified graphics card, not limited to either AMD or nVidia, installed in the PowerColor DEVIL BOX and connecting with Thunderbolt 3 specification, gamers and enthusiasts will be able to play any types of games on a thin laptop.

AMD XConnect technology is a feature in today’s Radeon Software graphics drivers that makes it possible to connect and use an external Radeon graphics card in Windows 10. External GPU enclosures configured with Radeon graphics can easily connect to a compatible notebook or 2-in-11 over Thunderbolt 3. A PC configured with AMD XConnect technology and external Radeon graphics can be connected or disconnected at any time, similar to a USB flash drive—a first for external GPUs.

Quantity is very limited so Devil Box can ONLY be bought on below websites. MSRP is US$379 or 419 €. 

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