Photos of GIGABYTE AX370 Gaming K3 Socket AM4 Motherboard PCB

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Yesterday a 'naked' PCB photo of a GIGABYTE AX370 motherboard surfaced on many channels on the web. The source seems to be an Asia based website called, we dug a little deeper an ran into six photos.

With the first AMD X370 chipset based motherboard being fabbed, the launch certainly ios getting closer for AMD RYZEN processors.  Basically the X370 series qwill be the high-end motherboards, AMD will however launch three sub-sets:

Socket AM4 mainly will bring RYZEN processors support for course, but also will evolve the PC infrastructure towards DDR4, NVMe M2 and USB 3.1 Gen 2 and sure, PCI Express 3.0 platform support.

  • AMD X370 Chipset (High-End) - So the most high-end chipset will be the X370 with that X for Extreme. This chipset will support Multi-GPU rendering (Crossfire and SLI) with two full x16 PCI Express slots (Gen 3.0). The chipset will support overclocking. Basically this is the chipset series you and yours truly will be after once Zen releases and yes you can expect a dandy overclocking software suite.
  • AMD B350  Chipset (Entry level to Mainstream) - If it has a B in the naming schema, you should think mainstream and that B for Business. A more generalized chipset that offers full performance, yet less tweaking options and often less PCI-Express lanes available, the mainstream series. For B350 some specs already have leaked, next tot the 8x Gen 3 PCI-Express lanes, it'll add/hook another 6 Gen 2 lanes  through the chipset and will offer a wide varyity of USB connectivity.  This motherboard series will offer 2 channel DDR4 memory we assume up-to 2400 MHz. 
  • AMD A320 Chipset (SSF/Budget) - Then there is the A320 and A300 series. These are intended for value, budget and small form factor products. This chipset will offer 4 PCI-e Gen 2 lanes with 1+2+6 (USB 3.1 Gen2, USB 3.1 Gen1, USB 2.0) support. A300 should be the chipset for SSF computers (like tiny home theater builds etc). 

Earlier on FAR better photos with SMT and DPT components embedded on the motherboard on it also already leaked, read that news item here. Below, click the thumbnails for the new ones.

Photos of GIGABYTE AX370 Gaming K3 Socket AM4 Motherboard PCB

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