Phison PS5016-E16 and PS5019-E19 PCIe 4.0 Client SSD Controllers - AMD Invested Heavily

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Taiwanese Phison has been showcasing a range of PCIe 4.0 NAND storage solutions at the Computex, from the flagship PCIe 4.0 PS5016-E16 (E16) SSD controller for gaming, to storage solutions aim for AIoT, automotive, and edge computing applications.

One of the applications that can really benefit from the bandwidth of PCI Express 4.0 are SSDs, Phison has developed and introduced the "PS5016-E16" SSD host controller. Current high-end products boasts a read of 3400 MB/s and a write of 3200 MB/s. That number now can nearly double.

For the PS5016-E16 word is that AMD to invested $15 million to help develop the controller in 9 months. The first PCIe 4.0 compliant SSD controller PS5016-E16 introduced by Phison is manufactured with a 28 nm process. It supports flash memory connections up to 8 channels and can support up to 8TB. The DRAM cache has a capacity of 1/1,000 of the total NAND capacity. In order to support 8TB, two DRAMs (4GB x 2) need to be installed, and so on, so at this stage, 2TB is the maximum capacity of general installed products.

The performance has already been confirmed in several articles here at Guru3D, but the nominal value for such NVMe SSDS are roughly is 5000 MB/s for reads and ~4400MB / s for writes. That is about 40% faster than the high-end class SSD of PCIe 3.0 x4.

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