Phenom II X4 955 at 7.2GHz record is fake

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Earlier this weekend a Chinese overclocking team was supposedly able to take the Phenom II X4 955 (review here) to extreme new heights, as they where able to overclock it to 7.2 GHz ...

Now that would be incredible 7127MHz, which is carried out with subzero tempratures and some liquid nitrogen cooling. According to the claims they jammed 1.95 Volts into the CPU (typically 1.1~1.2 Volts for this model).

Crazy stuff really, but yeah indeed ... way too crazy to be true. A couple of great remarks from our investigating team, chispy in our forums:

  • Franck (the author of CPUz) has mentioned that CPUz 1.51 has cheat security issues with AM3 cpus.
  • The users that these scores come from (especially, qooitry) have already been spotted cheating on various occasions.
  • A couple of days ago a SuperPi 1M score of 9.406s at 6840MHz was submitted to Now this score is deleted (I will see if I get a link from the cache), but it obviously had cheat software icons on the desktop (such as cheat_super_pi_mod.exe posted by hipro a couple of years ago). Massman can confirm this.

Why the heck someone would start posting fake scores beats me. But sure .. we'll make sure everybody is aware of the fact that Chinese user 'qooitry' is an absolute frause and fake.

We discussion thread open here. How do you feel about persons posting fake claims like these ?

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