Phanteks Releases MP and SP Series Black Edition Fans

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Phanteks announced the PH-F120/140/200 SP Series and PH-F120/140 MP Series Black Edition fans. The fans are available in 120mm, 140mm, 200mm sizes with the all new black blades and black frame.

The MP Series premium fans are designed to overcome the airflow restriction caused by high fin denisty. The MP Series fans produces high static air pressure allowing for a direct and focused airflow making them ideal for the densely packed fins of a radiator. The new seven blade high pressure MVB II blades are precisely angled to generate a silent and controlled airflow.

The SP Series are designed specifically to overcome high static pressure, blade deflection, and noise challenges. The nine blade provides a better controlled airflow. The UFB bearing composed by Moss and SSC systems creates a longer lifespan and adds stability to the fans. Affordable and durable, the SP Series fans are a great choice for case fan upgrades.

MVB (Maelström Vortex Booster)
The high pressure MVB blades are precisely angled to generate a silent controlled airflow. The blades produces a downdraft vortex allowing for greater amount of air passage through and reduce airflow turbulence across the surface of the blades to create significantly better performance and airflow while keeping noise to a minimum.

UFB bearing (Updraft Floating Balance bearing)
Phanteks' UFB bearings are composed by MOSS and SSC system. MOSS has an effective fan hub-blade ratio to achieve a dynamic balance, thus floating the axis for minimal air noise. SSC increases the bearing life span to ensure that the fan axis is consistently operating without mechanical noise.

Pricing and Warranty:

  • PH-F120MP_BBK / PH-F140MP_BBK: €14,90 ; £12.99 / €16,90 ; £14.99
  • PH-F120SP_BBK / PH-F140SP_BBK: €11,90 ; £9.99 / €14,90 ; £12.99
  • PH-F200SP_BBK: €16,90 ; £ 14.99
  • 5-year Warranty

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