Okan Kaya played Black Ops II multiplayer for 135 hours and 50 minutes straight

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Sometimes yuo gotta wonder about the health implications. A 28-year-old Australian man by the name Okan Kaya played Black Ops II multiplayer for 135 hours and 50 minutes straight, rocketing past the previous Guinness World Record for a video game marathon. That mark was held by two Canadian gamers, who clocked 120 hours and seven minutes, the site writes. New Guinness stipulations allow for 10-minute breaks every hour, Kaya said, adding that they can be taken together if desired.

Okan Kaya, sales manager with online retailer 4Cabling, early on Tuesday single-handedly eclipsed the previous record set by two Canadians of 120 hours and seven minutes.

By the time a relieved Mr Kaya put down his PS3 controller about midnight (AEDT), he had been playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 online against other gamers for 135 hours and 50 minutes.

"I definitely smashed it," he told AAP on Tuesday.

"My hands were cramping up and I went through a lot of bandages. I even tried to 'pad up' my controller."

Mr Kaya also managed to achieve an impressive world-wide rating of 29 after starting the brand-new game with a rating "in the millions".

He said the Guinness rules allowed for 10 minute breaks every hour, which could be taken accumulatively if desired.

After failing to attract the sponsorship of retailers - who were fearful of being associated with "addictive gaming" - his employer let him use a meeting room, where he caught naps in a sleeping bag and sipped only a few energy drinks that had been sent to him.

The key to endurance, Mr Kaya said, was light and healthy meals, and bouts on a treadmill.

But when the weariness inevitably crept in, blasts of loud music did the trick, he said.

Not only did Mr Kaya's boss arrange his sustenance, she also ensured he had sufficient witnesses to the record-breaking feat, which had to be conducted in a public space.

Every four hours, two fresh witnesses had to be brought in, and footage also had to be taken.

Mr Kaya said the documentation would soon be sent to the Guinness authorities for verification and he expected confirmation of his new world record in coming weeks.

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