Nvidia Talks About Higher OC clocks on the Founder 2080 cards - also PCB Photo

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NVIDIA just posted a blog post, and it is a rather unusual one. In the blog post, they pretty much state that they've always had an issue with the founders' edition cards, to reach higher boost clocks as to what the board partners have been able to achieve.

NVIDIA claims that with the new design a 90 MHz higher factory overclock is possible. That at least is the claim, and they also mention that each card is tested at the factory to ensure rock-solid OC stability which is backed by a 3-year standard warranty. 

We've always had our comments about the blower style coolers from NVIDIA, they allowed a thermal threshold of 80 degrees, and all cards reached that in return throttling down.

The new two fan (13 blades) cooler design should be much better in that respect. And as long as the cards do not hit a too high-temperature target, of course, they will not throttle down, and in fact can even be clocked higher. NVIDIA mentioned that the new cooler will be much more silent as well, which is something I've complained about a lot with last-gen cooler. The new claim is that the cards will produce just a fifth of the acoustics compared to the last-gen design coolers, they mention it to be 8 DBa lower in noise, and that's a good value alright. We do wonder if NVIDIA isn't pushing too hard, as they are starting to really compete with their own AIB partners this way.

In other news, in the same blog-post, NVIDIA also posted a PCB shot and shows a photo of the new vapor chamber which covers the TU104 GPU (RTX 2080). GeForce RTX 2080 uses 225 Watts of power out of the box, and tops out around 280 Watts for enthusiasts chasing overclocking performance.

The power delivery system has been rebuilt for GeForce RTX Founders Edition graphics cards, starting with the all-new 13-phase iMON DrMOS power supply. Of particular note here is a new ability to switch off arbitrarily phases, for reduced power consumption at low workloads, which increases power efficiency.

Nvidia Talks About Higher OC clocks on the Founder 2080 cards - also PCB Photo

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