Nvidia launches Quadro M6000 and Quadro VCA 2015 renderserver

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Shortly after the GTX Titan X launch Nvidia now releases the Quadro M600 based on the same GM200 GPU, also with 12 GB of vram. Nvidia also is launching a Quadro VCA 2015 renderserver.

Quadro M6000 is based on the GM200 GPU, signaling a long-awaited extension of the company's Maxwell architecture into workstation graphics. As you will notice the M6000's spec sheet is almost identical to the Titan X.  The K6000, sold for over $4000 at Newegg. The card has a similar to the X TDP at 250 Watt. The Quadro M600 can drive up-to four 4K displays thanks to the four display ports. The card has an NCENC encoder chip that would be able to record in real-time video imagery with the hevc-codec.

Quadro M6000
Quadro K6000
FirePro W9100
Architecture Maxwell Kepler GCN
Compute Units 3072 CUDA cores 2880 CUDA cores 2816 Stream Processors
Peak FP32 Performance (SP) 7 TFLOPS 5.2 TFLOPS 5.24 TFLOPS
Peak FP64 Performance (DP) 219 GFLOPS 1.73 TFLOPS 2.62 TFLOPS
Memory Size 12GB 12GB 16GB
Memory Bus 384-bit 384-bit 512-bit
Memory Bandwidth 317.4 GB/s 288 GB/s 320 GB/s
ECC Support Yes Yes Yes
Max. Displays 4 4 6
4K2K Displays @ 60Hz 4 2 3
Power Consumption 222W Graphics
245W Torture
187W Graphics
202W Torture
245W Graphics
260W Torture

NVIDIA announced a new Quadro VCA today, which effectively contains eight of the new M6000. 

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