NVIDIA GTX 1070 Ti 3DMark Benchmark Results

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We talked about the GeForce GTX 1070 Ti for numerous times now, it was bound to happen as the first 3DMark results have arrived of the product. Benchmark results for the GTX 1070 Ti for 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme and Time Spy.

According to this early rsult set the card beats the AMD's Radeon RX Vega 56 in the Time Spy benchmark which kind of is the point for this product. In Strike Extreme the two are tight and close together. The results sets have been spotted by videocardz. It will be intersting to see what the AIB partners have to offer with the custom models, clock frequencies and final drivers.


I have added the fastest GPU score result set into the mix of our own charts, for a bit of comparison and overview. That pretty much will paint the pictures and seems spot on really. you can also really tell what Nvidia has been aiming for, a product that trumps the Vega 56. Below you can click and check the result sets from videocardz.

NVIDIA GTX 1070 Ti 3DMark Benchmark Results

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