NVIDIA GTC 2024 Keynote: March 18 Date Confirmed, Focus on Blackwell Series?

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The date for the NVIDIA GTC 2024 keynote has been officially set for March 18, 2024. On this date, NVIDIA will commence its annual flagship GTC conference in San Jose, USA. Although registration details are yet to be disclosed, and specifics about Jensen Huang's keynote speech are being kept confidential, the March 18 date is a noteworthy milestone for the next major NVIDIA event.

In line with the tradition of GTC, NVIDIA typically unveils updates pertaining to its graphics technologies, with a particular emphasis on products designed for data center applications. This time around, the spotlight is on NVIDIA's highly anticipated Blackwell next-generation series. It's essential to acknowledge that these series are also expected to have implications for the gaming sector, albeit with differing architectural foundations for gaming chips.

To provide some context, at GTC 2023, NVIDIA unveiled a comprehensive product lineup that included the NVIDIA L4/L40, NVIDIA H100 NVL, Grace Hopper CPU, cuLitho software library tailored for computational lithography, the Isaac Sim platform (a remote global team collaboration system), and the NVIDIA AI foundations—a suite of cloud services designed for generative AI and Large Language models.


In terms of hardware, these offerings marked a mid-generation update within the existing architectural framework. Therefore, as we look forward to 2024, there are substantial expectations for NVIDIA to introduce something entirely novel and groundbreaking to the hardware landscape.

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