NVIDIA GeForce GTX 595 still might be in the works

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Guru3D.com ImageNVIDIA may be working on a successor to the GeForce GTX 590.

It seems that a Slovenian gaming news site covering Gamescom stumbled into or heard "GTX 595". The site goes on to mention that the GTX 595 is "a dual-GPU card that is not yet out," adding that "NVIDIA provide[ed] special drivers for EA gamescom to improve a little gaming experience (and probably reduce bugs )."

As TPU already reported, according to older news previously the idea behind GTX 595 (as it's now being referred to), is to strengthen the VRM circuitry of GTX 590, to perhaps facilitate higher clock speeds, and try to create a clear performance lead over Radeon HD 6990. Nothing else is known about the GTX 595 at this point. In our opinion, Battlefield 3 launch (late October) could serve as a good launchpad for a new high-end SKU.

But do take this into with a grain of salt please.

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