NVIDIA GeForce GTS 455 somewhat confirmed

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Guru3D.com ImageRumors report that the so-called GeForce GTS 455 will also enabled by the GF104 GPU, the same silicon empowering the upcoming GTX 460.

Based on the fact that said rumors dub it a 'fourth card', it is most probably an extremely toned down (to avoid saying crippled) version of the 'base' GF104. It is already known that NVIDIA will eventually release products based on the GF106, another upcoming chip. What remains to be seen is whether this GTS 455 enters the stage before said products or alongside them.

Unfortunately the source Fudzilla speaks of was not exactly as productive as one may hope, since it didn't manage to uncover any sort of details on the actual specifications of this adapter. There were also only wild speculations about the so-called possibility of a GTX 475, based on a full GF104, coming out soon as well, however there is nothing to validate this hypothesis.

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