Nvidia adds new monitors with G-Sync Compatible label

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NVIDIA recently started to support Adaptive-Sync (FreeSync) as a GSYNC standard. Monitors that are check by NVIDIA for full compatibility will get a certification, which the manufacturers can then put on its box to bump up sales.

The list now has been updated with new monitor models tagged as NVIDIA certified. There are now seventeen displays certified, five of them have recently been added. This includes two models from Asus, which earlier this month announced. These have TN panels and a maximum refresh rate of 165 Hz. There are also two new models from Acer. The ED273 has a 144Hz panel, while the XF250 goes up to 240Hz. From BenQ the 240 Hz XL2540.


Nvidia says it has tested the 'G-Sync Compatible' screens for screen errors and flickering. Of the more than 400 screens, Nvidia found only 15 units good enough. If you have an adaptive sync monitor that is not certified, this disabled by default you can turn it on manually in the driver.

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